The Best DIY Furnace Maintenance Jobs

Instead of just continually paying ever-increasing utility bills, you should consider investing some time and money into some simple HVAC maintenance.  A few simple repairs might end up having a dramatic impact on the efficiency of your entire system, saving you money on a daily basis. This article explains how a couple of easy furnace maintenance jobs can improve the functionality of your heating and air conditioning.

Importance of the Furnace Pump

The furnace pump is a vital part of both the heating and air conditioning. It is responsible for pumping refrigerant through your lines, which is a vital part of the heat transfer process. Since you aren't HVAC technician, the only thing you can really service on your pump is the fan that cools the motor. The van has vents which can get clogged. If they are clogged, they won't be able to cool the motor. In turn, your furnace will need to use more electricity in order to power vital heat transfer processes.

This is an simplification of exactly what the furnace pump does, but is more important to know the best way to clean it. Some people mistakenly wipe down their furnace pump with rags. This is not a good idea because you can actually push dirt and dust into the vents, where it further clogs the motor. Using a hose vacuum is much more effective because it will suck out the dust.

Clean the Filter Compartment

When it comes to the furnace, you can also easily clean the filter compartment. This article will skip instructions on how to change a filter, because it is so simple and you probably already know how to do it. However, most people don't realize that when they change the filter, it is also a good idea to clean out the empty compartment. This compartment, though small and narrow, can accumulate dust, especially if the filter is not replaced within the recommended time frames.

When there is dust within the compartment, the new filter just gets dirtier quicker. It is also worth noting that dust that isn't filtered is the same dust that might eventually clogged the furnace pump vents.

The furnace blower is large, important component within the furnace cabinet. It is also very easy to clean. Using your hose vacuum, you can clean off the fan blades and the entire compartment.

Your goal should be to clean every surface with in the blower compartment, and pay particular attention to the output duct. This is where the air flows out of the furnace and into your air duct system. If there are any clogs or blockages here, your airflow will be seriously reduced. For more information, help, or supplies, contact local heating contractors.