Reasons Your Home May Be Dustier When Running The Air Conditioner

When you turn on your air conditioning unit, you normally expect your home to cool down. But in some cases, a lot of dust can make its way into your home along with that cool air. Fortunately, air conditioning services can help to reduce the amount of dust that flows into your home by taking the correct action. Here are three of the common reasons why your home may be dustier when you are running the air conditioner and how a professional can stop problems from occurring. 

Your Air Conditioner Filter Is Dirty

If the air conditioning filter is dirty, there will come a point where it will be able to hold and filter out any more dirt and dust. Your air conditioning unit can lose efficiency, the amount of cool air being produced can diminish and the air flowing into your home can be dirtier or dustier. A professional can replace the filter, helping to ensure the air coming into your unit is properly filtered. 

Your Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned

Your air ducts carry the cooled air to registers or vents in your home where the air circulates into your home. Ducts can become dusty if your air conditioning filter is dirty, or if there are any holes, punctures or gaps in the air duct. A professional can clean them out, ensuring the air that travels through them does not kick up and carry this dust into your home. 

Your Air Conditioner Has a Dirty Condenser and Coils

Air passes through the condenser and coils to become cooled. Your unit should be cleaned and maintained annually, and cleaning the coils is part of this service. If your unit has not been properly maintained, these dirty parts can send dust into your home. Local HVAC services can come and ensure the condensers and coils are clean again and replaced if necessary.

You should not notice an increase of dust flowing into your home when you run your air conditioning unit. If you notice a large amount of dust accumulating in your home after running the air conditioner, you should visit websites such as to find local air conditioning services. They may need to replace the air filter, clean the air ducts or clean the condenser and coils. Cleaning one or more of these elements will help to prevent your air conditioning unit from adding dust to your home.