4 Furnace Smells That You Should Not Ignore

Weird smells from the furnace can be off-putting. They create an uncomfortable environment and compromise indoor air quality. Often, strange furnace odor depicts an underlying problem. If you neglect this problem, it can escalate and cause a premature system failure. Therefore, hire an HVAC technician to immediately inspect the unit and fix the malfunction. This guide highlights common furnace smells that you should pay attention to.

Burning Smell

If you turn on the furnace after a period of dormancy, you may notice a burning smell from the vents. This is because the dust collected on the burners will emit a burning smell when it burns off. On the other hand, power outages and voltage spikes can cause a short circuit in your heating unit. As a result, the wiring insulation will melt, creating an acrid burning smell. So if you haven't operated the furnace for a long period, ask your furnace repair technician to clean it and rectify any electrical malfunction.

Rotten Eggs Smell

The smell of rotten eggs usually points to a gas leak in the furnace. Gases can leak due to gas line deterioration and cracks. And if you fail to service the furnace, access fittings and valves can become loose, causing gas leaks. Since natural gas has no scent, utility providers put in additives to give it a distinct smell, hence the rotten egg smell. You should contact an HVAC expert to patch the leaks since natural gas can spike a fire. Moreover, they will replace faulty gas line connections, ensuring a steady gas supply to the furnace.

Musty Smell

When moisture fails to drain effectively, it can build up and create damp spots in the ducts. Mold and mildew flourish in such conditions, causing musty smells from the vents. Clogged filters are also potential culprits since they impede airflow in the system. As dirt and debris build up in the filters, they emit a musty odor throughout your home. Thus, you should contact a heating specialist to clean your ducts and replace air filters if necessary.

Car Exhaust Smell

Critters can block the exhaust pipe. Additionally, excessive soot or snow may obstruct the exhaust vent, preventing flue gases from escaping. As a result, these gases will flow back into your house, leading to smells that resemble car exhaust. In this case, your HVAC professional should unclog the flue pipe to ensure that it vents gases effectively.

The above furnace odors create discomfort in the building and lower indoor air quality. So don't hesitate to call a furnace repair expert when you detect unfamiliar smells. That way, you will avert costlier problems and health issues among your family members. For more information, contact a company like Intermountain Plumbing & Mechanical.