Central Heater Problems & Carbon Monoxide

Does the pilot flame in your furnace look strange and the central heater has stopped producing the usual amount of heat? If the pilot flame is abnormal, there is the possibility that your heater isn't working properly due to incomplete combustion. The worst thing about incomplete combustion is that it can produce carbon monoxide, which is highly dangerous to inhale because it can result in health problems or death. An emergency heating system repair technician should be hired fast to repair the problem and ensure that your life isn't at risk. Read More 

Where Do You Put An Exterior Air Conditioning Unit?

When you replace your air conditioning unit, there's a reason for it. If you're replacing it due to it failing sooner than it should have, it's possible that it was placed in a bad location. Here, you'll learn a little about selecting the placement of your exterior air conditioning unit. Overhead Hazards Go out to where your air conditioning unit is located. Look up. Do you see clear skies? If your air conditioning unit was positioned under a tree, too close to your home, or has other overhead hazards that could come crashing down on it at any given time, it's time to rethink where the unit is positioned. Read More 

Three Ways To Reduce Heating Bills

Your furnace or central heating unit works to keep your home comfortable throughout the winter months, but the costs associated with running this major appliance can quickly add up as the temperature drops. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your heating bills are kept to a minimum without sacrificing the comfort level within your home. Programmable Thermostats The most important thing that you can do to drastically cut down on your monthly heating bills is to make use of a programmable thermostat to set an operation schedule for your furnace. Read More 

How To Improve HVAC Airflow

Airflow is key to a productive and efficient HVAC system. That is, if you air is not flowing efficiently, you will basically be wasting money. No matter how energy efficient your furnace, boiler, heat pump, condenser, and/or evaporator are, your system will be wasteful if your air is not flowing properly. Adjust Your Air Registers The first thing you should always do if you are having airflow issues is check your air registers. Read More 

The Best DIY Furnace Maintenance Jobs

Instead of just continually paying ever-increasing utility bills, you should consider investing some time and money into some simple HVAC maintenance.  A few simple repairs might end up having a dramatic impact on the efficiency of your entire system, saving you money on a daily basis. This article explains how a couple of easy furnace maintenance jobs can improve the functionality of your heating and air conditioning. Importance of the Furnace Pump Read More