Why Choose a Ductless A/C System?

Everyone wants to be able to warm or cool their house so that they're comfortable. If you're using fans and old-fashioned A/C units or an HVAC system, which uses ducts to carry the air to you, you may not be sure that you can or need to switch over to another system. However, ductless solutions might be better for your home and family. Here's why.

Cleaner Air

Unless you're having the duct interior spaces cleaned out regularly, dust particles and bacteria can build up; that bacteria and dust is blown out into your living spaces whenever you aren't using a ductless HVAC system. If you don't want to have professionals coming by on a regular basis to thoroughly clean out those ducts, you can simply eliminate them with a good ductless system that uses mini-units placed throughout the house. Those units, or splits, connect to one large HVAC unit that remains outside. While the tubing connecting the units to the main unit are going to need to be replaced periodically, you can be much more confident that the air you're breathing is cleaner because it doesn't have to travel through large ducts before it reaches you.

Freed Up Indoor Space

If you're using fans, wall A/C units, space heaters and other appliances to cool or heat a room because you can't add brand new ductwork to your living spaces, a ductless system can help you clear out your home. Instead of having to step over a bulky space heater, mini-units can mounted on the wall to free up floor space. You can regain use of a window during the summer by using a ductless system instead of that old wall unit you've been using. You may find that you think the inside of your house looks more attractive and orderly when you install a ductless system.

Saved Money

If you think about it, no one is benefiting from the cool or warm air inside the ducts themselves. You might discover you can save some of your hard-earned income by deciding to stop heating and cooling all that air inside the walls with a ductless HVAC system. Instead of huge ducts, the air is carried through much smaller tubes in a more efficient and less wasteful manner.

There are a number of things to think about before purchasing a ductless HVAC system. Spend some time talking with local experts in the industry to discover which is the best heating and air conditioning solution for your house.