Central Vs. Split System: Which Is The Best Choice For Residential Heating?

When investing in a residential heating system, you will come across two popular options: central heating and split systems. Central heating units are designed for whole-house heating, and they use ducts to supply heated air to all the rooms in a home. Split systems use indoor air handlers to heat individual spaces. The choice between the two options can be difficult to make. Thus, consider the following factors before settling for one. Read More 

Five Reasons Your AC Is Squealing

Your AC unit should be relatively quiet other than the low hum of the fan blowing. If you begin to hear a whining, squealing, or screeching noise, then you may have one of the following problems on your hands. 1. Fan Belt Wear The fan belt inside your AC is what makes the fan turn when the unit is in operation. Eventually, the belt will wear out, and when it does, the first symptom is a loud squeal from the unit whenever the fan motor is running. Read More