Plumber’s Tools You May Not Know You Need

If you would like to save money on plumbing work, one option is to keep a set of plumbing tools at home so that you can perform some of the plumbing work yourself. It is important to know your limits so that you do not perform plumbing work that might do more harm than good. It is also important to have the right tools.

Channel Locks

One tool that is most often associated with plumbers is a plumber's wrench. However, this tool is increasingly being replaced with channel locks.These are very useful and quick. They are able to take pipes apart very fast. It is best to use this type of tool in pairs. One tool is used to keep the pipe stable and the other tool is used to screw or unscrew the pipe. To avoid scratching a finish with the channel locks, make sure to wrap the teeth with electrical tape. 

Fire-Resistant Cloth And A Self-Igniting Torch

You may need to solder a pipe, which can create a fire hazard. Therefore, it makes sense to use a fire-resistant cloth. The cloth is used to make sure that combustibles nearby do not ignite. You will also need a propane torch. Make sure to spend extra money for a self-igniting torch.

Plumber's Tape And Putty

Always have a roll of plumber's tape with you. Plumber's tape will make it easier to create a tight seal for a threaded pipe. This is especially useful for faucet heads and faucet supply lines. Also, when working on sinks, you will need plumber's putty, which can be useful for creating a water-resistant seal on unpressured joints. 

A Compression Sleeve Puller And A Hose Cutter

A compression sleeve puller is essential if you have PEX, copper or CPVC tubing. It is easy to unscrew the angle stop yourself when necessary, but the nut and compression sleeve will still be in the pipe. Fortunately, the compression sleeve puller can solve this issue. Also, if you need to cut that copper tubing into a perfect shape, you may need a hose cutter.

It can be difficult to know every plumber's tool that you should have with you and whether there is a newer, better tool for the job. An easier approach is to hire a professional plumber who will come with the tools needed to do the job right and will save you the trouble of having to learn how to perform these repairs yourself.