Tips For Helping Your AC Run More Efficiently This Summer

Higher power bills usually come along with the hot summer months due to the need for air conditioning to keep your home comfortable. While you may need to run your AC during the hot summer months, there are some things you can do to make it run more efficiently so you don't have to spend more on electricity than you need to. Here are a few tips that may help.

Have The AC Serviced In The Spring

Even though you'll have to pay for a service call, the expense is worth it to have your air conditioner tuned up before the hot weather sets in. When your AC is cleaned, serviced, and filled with the proper level of refrigerant, it can keep you cooler without having to work as hard. This means your AC won't have to run as long to keep your home comfortable. It also means your air conditioner will be in good shape so it will make it through the hot months without a breakdown that might leave you without cool air all day or night.

Make Sure Your Home Is Well Insulated

Double check the insulation in your home. You may need to add new fiberglass batt insulation in your attic or go around your home with a can of spray foam and fill in gaps and cracks. Check your windows and doors as these are likely areas where heat can seep in around gaps. Keep your windows covered with heavy drapes if you don't have energy-efficient frames and glass. Especially make sure the south windows in your home are covered during the day since these receive the most sun exposure and solar heating.

Change The Filter Monthly

When your air conditioner runs several hours each day, more air passes through the filter, so you'll want to change it more often than usual. You might need to change it monthly to keep your AC running optimally. A clogged filter causes problems with your AC because it blocks air flow. That can cause the AC to ice over or not blow cool air at full force. When you change the filter, write the date on it so you'll know when it is time to do it again.

Call For Service At First Sign Of Trouble

When you have your AC serviced in the spring, you may not have any trouble with it during the summer. However, if you do experience problems with unusual noises, low flow, or air that isn't chilled, be sure to call for service right away. Running your AC when it isn't working properly can run up your power bill and it can do damage to your air conditioner that could be expensive to repair. Remember not to block air flow around the unit inside or outside and stay alert to changes in how well the unit chills your home so it doesn't run more than necessary to keep you nice and cool. Contact a contractor, such as from Universal Refrigeration, for more help.