Coping With Allergies: 3 Ways To Keep Mold Spores Down By Caring For Your Crawl Space

Those seasonal sniffles are annoying, yet they could also indicate that more is going on than just a weather change. After all, you spend more time in your house than anywhere else, which means that your allergies could be triggered by an issue with your house's air quality. Mold is a common issue in houses in areas where there is high humidity, and crawl spaces are notorious for harboring moisture that contributes to mold growth. As you assess your living situation, use these tips to keep mold under control in this often-overlooked area of your home:

Consider Encapsulating Your Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are often left unfinished since they are one of the least visible areas of a house. However, dirt floors and open concrete or drywall surfaces are porous, which means that they allow moisture to seep into them where mold spores can then settle. Crawl space encapsulation is an option that helps finish out your crawl space so that porous surfaces are protected. This is accomplished using a thin, vapor barrier made from special plastic materials. Once this is in place, the air quality in your home will improve since fewer contaminants will be able to make their way to your living area.

Professionally Clean and Replace Contaminated Materials

Basement and crawl space areas are at higher risk for contamination from mold and fungus that thrive in a moist environment. This is an especially huge concern if your crawl space has every had flooding or water leaks occur. Begin by having these areas of your home professionally inspected to check for potential mold or fungal growth. If any is found, then mold remediation services will help you start with a clean slate before arranging to have your crawl space encapsulated.

Use Methods to Keep Humidity Down

Encapsulation is one way to keep humidity levels low in your crawl space as well as your home. It is also helpful to consider having a portion of your HVAC system vent into your crawl space so that the air can be kept at the proper temperature. Avoiding allowing your crawl space to get too warm helps create an environment that is hostile to mold spores.

The thought of breathing in mold spores is enough to send you scampering to clean every surface in your home. Yet, the biggest culprit behind your allergy attack may be in an area that you tend to overlook. Although crawl spaces are not the most exciting part of your home, they do play a big role in keeping air quality good. By making sure this area stays dry and mold-free, you can rest easy that your entire household will breathe easier this season.

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