Signs Your Home’s Gas Furnace Is Emitting Carbon Monoxide Gas

If you have an old gas furnace, you may worry that it is no longer working properly and may be giving off carbon monoxide gas. If so, look for the following signs to confirm your suspicions so that you can take action to have it looked at by a professional service.

Burner Flame Has Turned Yellow

Normally, the burner flame inside your gas furnace burns a medium shade of blue. When it burns this color, this means that the furnace is burning the correct mixture of gas and oxygen.

However, if the flame turns yellow, this is a sign that too much gas is being burned by your heater. You may also see a black soot-like coating above the flame. This coating is carbon residue left behind by the excess gas being burned off.

Usually, when the flame is yellow and is leaving behind carbon, this means that your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide gas through the system. This gas is a byproduct of the natural gas being burned without enough oxygen.

Family Members Complain of a Headache

Another sign that your furnace is spreading carbon monoxide gas throughout your home is when your family starts having odd symptoms, usually at the same time. Typically, the first symptom you and they will experience is a headache that seems to have no cause.

If you and your family members are complaining of a headache, this could be the first symptom indicating carbon monoxide exposure. If the problem with your furnace is not taken care of, you and your household will be at risk of developing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off

The one telltale sign of carbon monoxide gas in your house is when the detector goes off. If any level is found, an alarm will sound alerting you to its presence.

If you do not already have a carbon monoxide detector, you should seriously consider getting one, especially when you have an older gas furnace. That way, you can have a heating service inspect your furnace as soon as any of the poisonous gas is detected.

If you suspect that your gas furnace is giving off carbon monoxide gas, you need to have it looked at by a professional immediately. Contact a residential heating service and explain your fears so that they can come out as soon as possible to inspect your furnace and take the necessary action to fix it.