Problems Your Oil-Burning Furnace May Encounter

A malfunctioning furnace can be an inconvenience as well as a major safety threat. Oil-burning furnaces are common, but homeowners are often completely unprepared for the problems that they may encounter.

Old Oil Filters

It is a common mistake for homeowners that have only recently started using an oil-burning furnace to fail to appreciate the need for fuel filters. Without these filters, impurities and sediments in the oil could clog and jam the furnace's fuel lines. As with the oil filters in your car, these filters will need to be periodically changed if they are to continue to offer protection to the furnace. To make sure that you are keeping track of when you have had this maintenance done, you should write down the date when this was done so that you can be sure to follow the schedule that is recommended in the owner's manual for the furnace.

Faulty Temperature Sensor

In order to prevent the furnace from overheating and suffering damage, there will be a maximum operating temperature for it. If the system exceeds this temperature, it will turn off until it is able to cool. Sadly, it can be possible for the temperature sensor to malfunction. This can lead to the system turning off despite it being below the maximum temperature. If your system is turning off frequently, these sensors may need to be replaced. Replacing and calibrating these sensors can be a delicate repair, and only professional heating repair services should handle this work.

Damaged Vents

An oil-burning furnace will need a reliable flow of air into it if it is to efficiently burn the fuel. As a result, damage to the vents on the exterior of the furnace can be extremely problematic due to them limiting the flow of air. If the vents are only slightly bent, you may be able to use a vent comb to straighten out the vents so the airflow will be restored. In addition to bent vents, dust can also cause problems as it can get deep inside the system or lodged in the vents.

Fuel Leaks

A fuel leak with an oil-burning furnace can be one of the most serious and dangerous problems that it can encounter due to the volatility of the fuel. If you notice that fuel has been leaking out of the system, you will need to cease using it and contact an emergency heating repair provider. Otherwise, you could put yourself and your home at risk.

Reach out to a heating repair technician to learn more about your oil-burning furnace.