Decorative Water Fountains For Commercial Interiors: Pros And Cons

From shopping malls to law offices and just about any business you can imagine in between, you can find water fountains incorporated into all sorts of commercial settings. These decorative fixtures can be custom-designed to fit your place of business and installed by a commercial plumber. However, there are some pros and cons that come along with installing a decorative water fountain in a commercial business.

Pro: Decorative water fountains induce a sense of calm into a space. 

There are few things more peaceful and serene than the sound of dripping or flowing water. It is common for water fountains to be incorporated into the interior design specifically because it helps to induce a sense of calm in the space. For example, water fountain may be implemented as part of the design in a dentist office to help patients relax before their treatments. Even though decorative water fountains fit in better in some businesses than they do others, they pretty much provide the same aesthetic appeal no matter where they are placed.

Con: Decorative water fountains can mean more maintenance and upkeep for your place of business. 

If you do choose to have a decorative water fountain installed by a commercial plumber in your place of business, you should make sure beforehand that you will have the time and available staff to make sure the water fountain is properly maintained. Of course, you can always hire a professional who will come in and clean the fountain periodically, but all water fountains do require some level of ongoing maintenance to keep them functional and clean.

Pro: Having a fountain installed is not something that should take all that long to complete. 

One advantage of choosing to have a decorative fountain installed in your place of business is the fact that it is not a very large project tackle. Of course, you do have to hire a commercial plumber to ensure the project is handled properly since it is fed by water lines. However, most water fountains are fabricated out of the business and brought in to be installed.

Con: Decorative water fountains can be a safety concern in some types of businesses.

Decorative water fountains are not a very good fit in some types of business settings. For example, water fountains do not always work well in businesses where there are a lot of children because children naturally like to play in the water.