AC Installation: Three Steps To Get Ready

If your current air conditioning system has been damaged or is just old, inefficiencies may result in the unit working excessively harder, leading to an increase in overall energy costs. You may find that investing in a brand-new unit can reduce cooling expenses while also improving the quality of indoor air and overall household comfort. Although an experienced technician will come out to your home to install the new unit, there are a few things you can do to prepare the space to ensure that the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Store Your Valuable Belongings

During the installation, technicians will attempt to avoid damaging any belongings that are in the surrounding area, but there is always a chance that an accident may take place during the install. Therefore, it is a good idea to remove any sentimental, valuable, and breakable items that are in the area where the unit will be installed. For instance, if you have any pottery, art, china, or other similar items that are valuable or fragile, they should be placed in a closet or box and stored away for the day. This will ensure that you don't have to worry about them accidentally falling over or debris accumulating on them.

Create a Path to the Work Area

Regardless of the size of the air conditioning unit that you choose, the technicians will need ample room to maneuver the entire area, remove the old equipment, and install the new equipment. If bulk objects are left in the area for them to move around, it will add significant time to the job. To help ensure that they are able to get in and get out as quickly as possible, move any appliances, furniture, and anything else that could potentially hinder the installation process and their ability to get the job done safely and quickly. Remove any lawn furniture, trim back the vegetation, and clean up any fallen branches and leaves near the area where the outdoor unit will be installed.

Place Pets in a Kennel

If your household is home to any four-legged friends, then it is important that they are placed in an outdoor or indoor kennel or a closed-off room prior to the AC technicians arriving. If you don't, there is a chance that your pets may sneak out of the home while the door is open. There is also a chance that the technicians may get injured if the pets get underneath them. To ensure everyone remains safe and out of harm's way, it is best to keep the pets in a designated area or with a family member until the AC unit has been installed.

For more information, contact an ac system installation company.