Furnace Troubleshooting To Solve Problems That Have Been Neglected Since Last Winter

Since last winter, you have probably not thought much about the heating system, and there may still be problems that need to be fixed. The furnace troubles need to be solved before you really need your heating system. The following problems could be some of the heating repairs that you have neglected since last winter.

Thermostat problems to repair before winter — The thermostat may be one of the first areas where you want to check for problems. Sometimes, the problems with your thermostat may not be as noticeable when you are using your heating as they are when you turn on your heating. This is why it is often recommended to calibrate and inspect the HVAC thermostat before turning the heating on for cold winter weather.

Issues with blowers and air handlers that need repairs — The furnace blower is the fan that is connected to the air handler. This is where the warm air is blown to the ductwork and then distributed to different areas of your home. The first problem that you will need to deal with is problems with a noisy blower motor. If there is rattling or other strange noises when the blower switches on, it needs to be looked at and fixed. If the fan turns on, but there is not much air coming out of the vents, you are going to want to inspect the air handler and ductwork for leaks.

Furnace pilot light and heating element problems — The furnace pilot light is another area where you may need to do maintenance to the heating system before the winter months. The furnace heating element can also be damaged and may require repairs. If the flame of your gas furnace is yellowish, this is often a sign the heating element or other furnace components are damaged and need to be repaired.  

Control panels and electrical wiring problems with heating — There are control panels and electrical wiring issues that may need to be dealt with. Over the warmer months, pests and wear can cause damage to wiring and furnace electrical components that need to be repaired. In addition, problems like a power switch being turned off or an access panel being left ajar can also cause the furnace to not turn on. These are problems that are going to need to be fixed before the temperatures drop.

These are heating repairs that may have been neglected since last winter and need to be done now. Call a heating service for help with these repairs before the temperatures drop again.