4 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Chimney Sweep

A home with a fireplace is most people's dream since you can use it to keep the family warm during the winter months. If you have a fireplace at home, it's probably where you relax and unwind in the evenings. While a fireplace is easy to operate and enjoyable to use, it requires some maintenance to keep it safe and clean.

You should let a professional chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney so that your fireplace can continue keeping you warm. Continue reading to learn the benefits of chimney sweeping.

Prevent a Chimney Fire

The main purpose of your chimney is to direct dangerous combustion gases outside your home. However, combustion by-products also float up the chimney, and most of it accumulates on the linings of the walls. If you use your fireplace continuously without sweeping the chimney, these combustion by-products accumulate to dangerous levels. One of the by-products is creosote, which can be ignited, resulting in a chimney fire.

Regular chimney sweeping ensures creosote is cleared out before it builds up in your chimney. Professional sweeps have the proper gear that allows them to clean your chimney without exposing themselves or your households to dangerous gases and combustion by-products.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Another combustion by-product that occurs in your fireplace is carbon monoxide. It is a dangerous gas popularly known as the silent killer because it's colorless and odorless. So without a carbon monoxide detector, it's impossible to know you're inhaling the poisonous gas until its effects begin to manifest.

While your fireplace has a chimney over it to ensure carbon monoxide is directed outside your home, if the chimney is clogged with soot and other combustion by-products, carbon monoxide will back up into your home. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, you should schedule regular chimney sweeping to clear the way for all dangerous combustion gases to exit.

Prevent Smoke Damage

Aside from carbon monoxide backup, smoke can also back up into the house if the chimney is clogged. If the clog is left unaddressed, the smoke eventually tarnishes your walls and ceiling. Moreover, inhaling smoke can result in difficulty breathing, impaired eyesight, migraines, and respiratory infections.

Scheduling regular chimney inspections allows a professional to clear out the build-up in the chimney so that smoke doesn't compromise your family's health or your home's beauty.

Prolong the Chimney's Life

Your chimney will last longer if a professional chimney sweep maintains it. The professional will put your chimney's liners into consideration during maintenance to ensure the cleaning techniques used do not deteriorate the chimney walls. The more frequently you schedule chimney maintenance, the longer you can use your fireplace before the chimney requires restoration.

If you've been procrastinating chimney maintenance, this is your cue to contact a chimney sweep. Hire professional chimney sweeps who have the knowledge and expertise to maintain your chimney in ship shape.