Benefits Of A Residential Air Filtration System To Your Home

As a norm, the world continues to grow more conscious and concerned about improving outdoor air quality than indoor air. Unknown to most, the quality of indoor air is equally important. According to a survey by the EPA, most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. This data brings to light the importance of regulating the quality of indoor air, which is how residential air filtration systems come into play.

An air filtration system is essential in reducing contaminants contained in the air, such as bacteria and viruses. The EPA recommends the use of air filtering systems to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Air filters work by filtering air coming inside your houses, rendering it free of airborne contaminants.

With proper maintenance, an air filtration system can be of significant benefit to your home. Here are four more reasons why you need to install an air filtration system in your home.

Reduce Risk of Allergies

The air you breathe contains most of the allergens that result in allergic reactions. Whether it's dust or pet fur, your air filtration systems work to eliminate these contaminants that may cause your eyes to water or create discomfort in your respiratory system.

A study done by the EPA proved that air filtration systems in homes resulted in huge relief for people with allergies during a four-week study period. 

Get Rid of Foul Smell

No matter how much you clean, some homes may end up having stubborn scents that are hard to get rid of. A well-functioning air filtration system can help you get rid of the odor and consequently give your home a fresh scent.

If you're a smoker or you have a pet, an air filtration system is highly essential to have in your home. 

AC Longevity

Your residential air filtration system complements the work of your AC unit. As your indoor air gets purified, the number of particles that can get clogged in your AC's air filters reduces, which increases the shelf life of your air conditioning system.

Improve Your Sleep Quality

According to research from the University of Denmark, the quality of air your breathe influences the quality of sleep you get. 

A night of good night sleep is highly essential in improving your overall health. You certainly get to lower your chances of suffering from heart disease or obesity.

Finally, with an air filtration system, you get to protect the health of your children and older people in your home. According to the WHO, the elderly and children are more susceptible to falling ill from inhaling airborne contaminants.