Air Conditioner Not Working Well? 4 Things That May Be Wrong

If your air conditioner is not working as it normally does, this could be due to many things. Below are four signs that you may need to contact a repair contractor to come to your home.

Frequent Cycling

It is common for an air conditioner to cycle while it is cooling your home, but if it is cycling more frequently than it normally does, this is a sign of a problem. If it is very hot outside, you will notice your air conditioner coming on more often, but it still should not do this quickly. Frequent cycling can also cause your air conditioner to go down much quicker than it normally would. This is because this cycling puts a lot of work on the air conditioner and parts will wear out sooner. Your air conditioner may be able to be repaired with this problem or it may need to be replaced with a new one. 

Bad Odors

If you smell a bad odor in your home when the air conditioning system is running, this is a sign your system needs to be cleaned. Fortunately, this is not hard to do, and a repair contractor can clean the cooling system easily. If you have air ducts in your home, the repair contractor may also check them as this is what the air travels through to get inside your home. If you have had any kind of leak in the past, and any of this condensation got inside the ductwork, mold and mildew can build up and create a musty smell. 

Leaking Water

If you notice your air conditioner has a leak around it or on the ground, something is wrong. An air conditioner uses refrigerant to keep your home cool, and this will create some condensation but never a lot of liquid. If this is happening with your air conditioner, the problem is likely with the cooling system. You need to contact an air conditioning repair contractor quickly as leaks can easily damage the air conditioner. 

Strange Noises

Another sign your air conditioning system is having problems is hearing strange noises while it is running. Some noise is common, but if you hear different sounds, this can be due to many things. If you hear a rattle, there may be something loose inside the unit, which can generally be easy to repair. If you hire a buzzing or grinding sound, this is a sign of something much more serious and needs to be looked at by a professional. 

Contact an HVAC contractor to come to your home to repair your air conditioning system.