How You Can Make Your Air Conditioner Ducts More Energy Efficient

Regular maintenance on your air conditioning system helps keep your energy bills low. Being proactive about the repairs and even installing new ducts or components in your system can help boost energy efficiency even more. Here are some things to consider as you look to make your air conditioner as efficient as possible.

Inspect for Gaps

Gaps in your ducts are the biggest way your ducts will lose efficiency. Even small gaps can result in significant air loss that causes your air conditioner to run longer than it should to keep your house cool. Gaps can result from fading seals, old age, and physical damage from pests. Ducts don't need to be inspected every year, but you should make sure they're looked at by a professional every couple of years just to make sure they're still sealed properly.

Replace Insulation

Ducts that aren't properly insulated also result in a loss of cool air. Insulation isn't as durable as the ducts themselves, so some areas may need to be replaced or patched up. Old insulation can start to fall away from the ducts it's supposed to cover. While checking for gaps, make sure your ducts' insulation is still in good shape and be sure to replace it as necessary.

Use a High-Velocity System

A high-velocity duct system uses small tubes rather than traditional metal ducts. These have a few benefits, such as being able to fit in smaller areas like between walls and in attics not built for traditional ducts, and they also lose much less air than standard ducts. As a result, installation costs tend to be higher for these systems, but if you're looking to replace your old ducts anyway, it could be a worthwhile investment upfront.

Install a Zoning System

A zoning system for your air conditioner lets you set different temperatures for different areas of the house by controlling how much air goes to each zone. If you find that you spend most of your time during the day in only a few rooms, or if you prefer some areas to be cooler than others, a zoning system can help by preventing your air conditioner from having to cool the entire house when only part of it is in use.

This ends up being a better option than trying to increase efficiency by simply closing vents in rooms you aren't using. Closing vents can increase pressure in your ducts and even decrease your efficiency, while a zoning system is specifically designed to regulate airflow.

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