4 Problematic Air Cooling System Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Most contemporary ACs have sound dampening technology that creates a barrier against noise and traps sound movement. Therefore, hearing a loud or unusual sound from your unit could indicate a potential system dysfunction. Moreover, different noises point to malfunctions in different components. Hence, it is crucial that you hire an AC repair technician to pinpoint the exact issue. These professionals diagnose your unit and make the necessary repairs and replacements for AC operation compatible with a quiet indoor ambiance. Below are AC appliance noises you may experience:


If your AC appliance makes a rattling noise, it may be due to a defect with the assembly motor or fan. The unit located outdoor is exposed to environmental elements such as plant matter and debris, which may accumulate, impeding the fan's movement. Furthermore, the AC's vibrations can make the fan, screws, and other components to loosen and dislodge, causing the noise. Accordingly, if you hear some sort of rattling noises from your cooling unit, hire an AC expert to vacuum all the debris and firmly fix any loose parts for optimal functionality.


An AC usually produces a click or pop when communicating with your thermostat. However, if the clicking sound becomes constant and disruptive, your AC could be experiencing a defective relay or have a faulty thermostat. When a thermostat malfunctions, it detects erroneous temperatures, causing the system to keep starting up and shutting down repeatedly without a full cooling cycle. As the system repeatedly turns on and off, it produces clicking noises. Alternatively, your unit may also make clicking noises if the pressure fluctuates due to unconditioned air from leaking ducts.

Squealing That Is High-Pitched

A loud squealing noise produced by your cooling unit points to a faulty compressor compartment, whereby the internal pressure builds up excessively in your system and emits a squeal. Additionally, the sound may result from the motor bearings not being properly lubricated and therefore scraping against each other. For these reasons, you should hire an AC expert to seal the coolant leak and clear debris accumulated on the condenser for balanced pressure. The technicians also lubricate the bearings to facilitate the effective movement of the fan motor.


When your AC develops a leak in the lines circulating the refrigerant, it produces a hissing noise as the coolant escapes through the holes. Since the refrigerant is toxic if inhaled, contact an AC specialist as soon as possible to patch the coolant leak and re-gas your air conditioner for maximum cooling capacity.

If your AC begins to make loud and disruptive noises, you should hire an AC professional to address the underlying issues. They will also conduct a comprehensive inspection and resolve any other problems they find, however subtle, before they escalate into serious damage.