4 Important Reasons to Seek 247 Furnace Replacement Services

It can be difficult for homeowners to determine when they need furnace replacement services. There are a variety of factors that will affect performance. Age is one of the key factors. The older furnaces' performance will decline as they age. Furnaces that are well-maintained may last past their estimated lifespan. However, they are likely to have poor efficiency. The following points identify a few reasons to seek 24/7 furnace replacement services.

No Heat

A furnace replacement issue might present itself as no heat. This means that it might blow cold air or warm air that does not heat a home as it once did. There are other issues that can cause this phenomenon such as a broken thermostat or a thermostat that needs batteries. A tripped circuit breaker may also cause this issue. Individuals should check their circuit breakers first. They may not be able to diagnose a thermostat issue or determine if their furnaces need to be replaced.

Yellow Burner Flame

This is a dangerous sign of a carbon monoxide leak. The pilot light should burn blue. A yellow flame is indicative of a cracked heat exchanger. A dirty burner may also cause this issue. An HVAC technician can likely clean a dirty burner. However, replacing a heat exchanger may be expensive. If other parts are also damaged, it is sensible to opt for a 24/7 furnace replacement. This should always be treated as a heating emergency because carbon monoxide can be lethal.

Energy Bill Spike

Furnaces that have broken or old parts may produce heat, but they have to work harder. This leads to high energy bills. It is also a good indicator that it is time to replace a unit that has been properly maintained and never had repair issues.

Difficulty Breathing

Individuals may notice that it is difficult for them to breathe when they activate their furnaces. This is indicative of poor air quality. This could be related to a furnace filter that contains allergens such as mold and dust. However, it might also be a more serious issue such as carbon monoxide or a gas leak affecting the air quality.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about 24/7 furnace replacement services. They can determine if furnaces are beyond the stage of an emergency repair being ideal. Sometimes repairs are not ideal because of the cost in comparison to getting a new furnace, which will have a warranty.