Why You Might Prefer A Mini-Split Air Conditioning System Over Window Units

If you have window air conditioners because you like controlling the temperature in separate parts of your house — but you hate how hard it is to keep a window air conditioner clean inside and keep it running — then consider getting a mini-split heat pump. You can buy one that's an air conditioner only or one that can also work to make heat.

This is a good option if you need to replace your furnace and ducts too. A single mini-split system makes both heat and cold air and distributes it with individual blowers in your home without the need for ducts. Here's why you might like this type of air conditioning.

You Can Control Room Temperatures Individually

If you have a house with an upstairs you don't use very much, you can leave the air conditioning off upstairs and only cool the downstairs. You might only want to cool the living room and bedroom depending on your lifestyle. Just like a window air conditioner, you can turn the unit on and cool the rooms you're in at the time and then turn the blower off when you don't want to waste electricity.

You could also set the temperature in some rooms much higher so they don't get too hot and other rooms much lower so they're always nice and cool. You have a lot of control over how your house is cooled with a mini-split air conditioner.

You Control The Blowers With A Remote

When a mini-split system is installed, you'll have blowers mounted on the walls since ducts aren't used to move air through your house. Each blower is controlled by its own remote rather than a central thermostat. This is what gives you complete control over how your house is cooled. The air conditioning installer will help you decide where to mount the blowers to distribute the air evenly during times when you want your whole house cooled, yet can be used independently to cool a single room if desired.

Your System Is Cleaned By A Technician

Just like a traditional central air conditioning system, a mini-split is serviced annually by a technician. They make sure the unit is clean and working optimally. You shouldn't have to worry about mold building up inside the unit that's hard for you to clean out since you can leave cleaning for the technician. This could improve the air quality in your home and eliminate your concerns about breathing moldy and dirty air from an old window air conditioner.