A Step-By-Step Guide To AC Replacement

Is it time for an AC replacement for your home? Whether you're replacing your current AC because it is too old, too small, or too inefficient, it helps to ensure that the process is done correctly. The best way to accomplish this is to use a professional AC installer for the job. Here's what to expect during a professional AC replacement. AC Consultation Consultations are the first step in establishing working relationships with AC professionals. Read More 

Do You Need To Replace An Old Air Conditioning System?

If your home uses older HVAC equipment, turning your system on for the season can often feel like rolling the dice. You might worry that an older air conditioner puts you on borrowed time, just waiting for the day the compressor or another costly part finally fails. While no air conditioning system can last forever, you don't necessarily need to give up hope just because yours has a few years under its belt. Read More 

What’s Dragging Your Furnace’s Efficiency Down?

Have you noticed your gas heating bills slowly climbing as the winter drags on? While fuel prices are going up across the country, your heating costs also depend on your furnace's efficiency. Unfortunately, furnace efficiency can degrade due to numerous problems, including deferred maintenance and unaddressed repairs. If rising fuel costs alone can't explain your skyrocketing heating costs, here are three problems that could be affecting your furnace's efficiency. 1. Poor Maintenance Habits Read More 

Possible Areas To Check If Your AC Unit Runs Without Cycling Off

An AC unit that runs without shutting down can skyrocket your bills and incur costly damages in the long run. Further, you may check your thermostat and notice that everything is well set, but the unit won't stop. When this happens, it shows that certain components are failing and need repairs. If this is the case, below are areas an AC repair expert will check.  Congested Air Filter Your air filter must always be clean to allow the free movement of fresh air into the unit and your home. Read More 

4 Furnace Smells That You Should Not Ignore

Weird smells from the furnace can be off-putting. They create an uncomfortable environment and compromise indoor air quality. Often, strange furnace odor depicts an underlying problem. If you neglect this problem, it can escalate and cause a premature system failure. Therefore, hire an HVAC technician to immediately inspect the unit and fix the malfunction. This guide highlights common furnace smells that you should pay attention to. Burning Smell If you turn on the furnace after a period of dormancy, you may notice a burning smell from the vents. Read More