Troubleshoot A Poorly Heating Home Furnace

A poorly heating furnace is just as frustrating as one that fails to work at all. Not only are you stuck with a chilly house, you may also be stuck with high energy bills for minimal heat due to the malfunction. The following guide can help you troubleshoot the cause of the poor heating so you can have the problem repaired as soon as possible. Check Thermostat Settings Poor heating is often a thermostat problem and not a furnace issue at all. Read More 

Why Do You Need To Meet With Your HVAC Contractor Prior To Your Building Project?

Although it is still winter season and most construction projects do not typically begin until the weather warms, it is still the perfect time to plan the project. In your planning, be sure to include a consultation with the commercial HVAC contractor that you intend to use for your project. Your building will need a heating and air system, and the installation process requires specific timing. You need to include a commercial HVAC contractor as early as possible in your planning process. Read More 

What Makes Wintertime A/C Installation A Smart Choice?

Your air conditioner may be the last thing on your mind this winter, but right now is actually the best time to invest in a new A/C system. Whether your current unit is on its last legs or you're upgrading to a more modern system, tackling your A/C installation during the winter months offers plenty of impressive benefits. Wider Availability Hot weather usually means high demand for HVAC specialists, which makes arranging an A/C installation during the peak of summer a challenging process. Read More 

Two Reasons Why You Should Schedule An Air Duct Cleaning For Your Home

Air ducts are part of the overall ventilation system in your home. The ducts transport hot and cold air all over your house each time your turn on your heater or air conditioning unit. Although the ducts are hidden behind the walls, you should definitely make it a point to keep them in mind. It's normal for dirt to build up in the ducts over time, and if you don't prioritize your ducts, you could face some negative consequences. Read More 

Reasons Your Home May Be Dustier When Running The Air Conditioner

When you turn on your air conditioning unit, you normally expect your home to cool down. But in some cases, a lot of dust can make its way into your home along with that cool air. Fortunately, air conditioning services can help to reduce the amount of dust that flows into your home by taking the correct action. Here are three of the common reasons why your home may be dustier when you are running the air conditioner and how a professional can stop problems from occurring. Read More