Learning About Air Conditioners

Fall and Winter Tips for Parents: Keep Your Children Healthy This Cold Season

As a concerned parent, you may take numerous precautions to keep your children healthy. You may encourage your loved ones to eat nutritious vegetables at dinner, brush their teeth at night, and wash their hands after using the bathroom. But even with the most active parenting and care, your children could still be at risk for colds and other illnesses, especially during the cold season. Here are some proactive things you can do to keep your kids healthy during fall and winter. Read More 

Possible Reasons Your Central Air Conditioner Is No Longer Blowing Cool Air

If your central air conditioner does not seem to be cooling your home, you may have already checked the thermostat and changed the filter to see if you could fix the issue. However, if your attempts have met with failure, there may be an issue that you cannot deal with yourself. Below are a few possible reasons why your central air conditioner is no longer blowing cool air that should be attended to by a professional. Read More 

That’s Supposed To Be Warm Air: Why Your Furnace May Be Giving You The Cold Shoulder

There's nothing worse than feeling cold air come out of your vents in the dead of winter. When that happens, you know you have a problem with your furnace. Luckily, not all the issues that cause your furnace to blow cold air are signs of a dire emergency – although some of them can be. If your furnace is blowing cold air, it's time to take action. Here are three of the problems you may be facing right now. Read More 

Central Heater Problems & Carbon Monoxide

Does the pilot flame in your furnace look strange and the central heater has stopped producing the usual amount of heat? If the pilot flame is abnormal, there is the possibility that your heater isn't working properly due to incomplete combustion. The worst thing about incomplete combustion is that it can produce carbon monoxide, which is highly dangerous to inhale because it can result in health problems or death. An emergency heating system repair technician should be hired fast to repair the problem and ensure that your life isn't at risk. Read More 

Where Do You Put An Exterior Air Conditioning Unit?

When you replace your air conditioning unit, there's a reason for it. If you're replacing it due to it failing sooner than it should have, it's possible that it was placed in a bad location. Here, you'll learn a little about selecting the placement of your exterior air conditioning unit. Overhead Hazards Go out to where your air conditioning unit is located. Look up. Do you see clear skies? If your air conditioning unit was positioned under a tree, too close to your home, or has other overhead hazards that could come crashing down on it at any given time, it's time to rethink where the unit is positioned. Read More