Learning About Air Conditioners

Three Common Causes Of Furnace Short-Cycling

A furnace that runs for a minute (or two), stops briefly, and then restarts only to repeat the cycle is said to be short-cycling. A short-cycling furnace wastes energy and doesn't produce the necessary heat to keep the house comfortable. Various things can cause a furnace to short-cycle, but these two are the most common causes: Restricted Airflow  Efficient airflow is necessary not only to help the furnace to heat up the house but also to keep the furnace within its operating temperatures. Read More 

Three Signs That Your Air Conditioning Needs To Be Repaired

When your air conditioner is not functioning properly, it can make it quite miserable for those who are living inside. Thankfully, there are HVAC contractors out there who have been trained and are certified to deal with a variety of air conditioning repairs. This article is going to discuss 3 signs that your air conditioning needs to be repaired.  The Air Isn't Cool  One sign that you may need to contact an HVAC contractor to come in and repair your air conditioning unit is if it is no longer putting off cold air. Read More 

Make Your HVAC System Smarter With A Smart Thermostat

Just about every device in your home is becoming smarter, whether it's your television, refrigerator, or even your toaster. So having a smart thermostat isn't so far-fetched. In fact, your home just migh benefit from having its HVAC system controlled through a smart device. The following takes an in-depth look at smart thermostats, their overall benefit to your home, and what to expect from your smart thermostat. What Makes a Smart Thermostat " Read More 

Suffering From Indoor Allergies? 3 Ways Radiant Heating Can Help

Coughing, sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing is not a fun way to spend your time. For many people with allergies, inside the home is where they find a respite from the allergy triggers that cause their symptoms. However, some people find that their allergies bother them just as much – or even more – inside their own home. If you fall into this second group, the solution to your allergy symptoms may just lie in an unexpected place: your heating system. Read More 

3 Important Air Conditioner Tips That Pet Owners Need to Know

You love your pet, and you want to make sure that it's always safe and comfortable in your home, but you also want to be sure that your pet doesn't damage your home. That's why you give your cat a scratching post or train your dogs to go outside. However, many pet owners don't realize that they need to take special steps with their air conditioner to protect both their pets and the machinery. Read More