Learning About Air Conditioners

Possible Areas To Check If Your AC Unit Runs Without Cycling Off

An AC unit that runs without shutting down can skyrocket your bills and incur costly damages in the long run. Further, you may check your thermostat and notice that everything is well set, but the unit won't stop. When this happens, it shows that certain components are failing and need repairs. If this is the case, below are areas an AC repair expert will check.  Congested Air Filter Your air filter must always be clean to allow the free movement of fresh air into the unit and your home. Read More 

4 Furnace Smells That You Should Not Ignore

Weird smells from the furnace can be off-putting. They create an uncomfortable environment and compromise indoor air quality. Often, strange furnace odor depicts an underlying problem. If you neglect this problem, it can escalate and cause a premature system failure. Therefore, hire an HVAC technician to immediately inspect the unit and fix the malfunction. This guide highlights common furnace smells that you should pay attention to. Burning Smell If you turn on the furnace after a period of dormancy, you may notice a burning smell from the vents. Read More 

Air Conditioning Replacement Tips For Budget-Minded Homeowners

If you're like many homeowners, you try to stick to a budget. After all, you have to worry about things like paying your mortgage and insurance, covering home maintenance costs, and more. If you need to make some household repairs or improvements, you might be worried about your budget. As a budget-minded homeowner who is interested in replacing your air conditioning, you could be looking for some tips. These are all helpful air conditioning replacement tips for budget-minded homeowners. Read More 

Should You Worry About Water Around Your Air Conditioner?

All air conditioning systems remove humidity from the air. As the air around the evaporator coil cools, moisture condenses out of the air and onto the coil. In humid environments, the amount of water condensing from the evaporator can often be substantial. There's the potential for significant damage if this moisture doesn't effectively drain away from your HVAC equipment. Failures in the drainage system can cause water to back up, stopping your system from working. Read More 

Learn About The Right Time You Should Call An Expert For Furnace Repairs

In the cold season, you depend on your furnace to ensure that your indoors remain warm and comfortable. Given this, you'll have to run your heater more than usual, meaning there's a high chance it might break down. That said, as a new homeowner, you may not be conversant with the warning signs your furnace needs repairs. Hence, you may experience a heating malfunction when you need it most. If this is the case, this guide details some of the things you should watch out for to avoid being left in the cold. Read More