Learning About Air Conditioners

Getting Into Hot Water: Choosing The Right Hot Water Heater For Your Home

It's easy to dismiss the importance of your home's hot water heater, particularly when it's always responsive. When it fails, though, the cold shower it can leave you with is a shocking way to remember its presence. If you have had your water heater for many years or it's starting to struggle with maintaining hot temperatures, it may be time to buy a new one. Since it isn't something you buy frequently, many homeowners are confused about the options. Read More 

To Plumb Or Not To Plumb? Water Options In Your Tiny House

Are you building or about to build a tiny house? It is a popular movement right now among people who want to live more simply, less expensively, and more in tune with the environment. Tiny houses are also versatile. You can build one almost anywhere that has a little bit of land you can use...even in a friend or family member's back yard. If you like to travel, you can make your tiny house mobile. Read More 

2 Ways To Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

After installing a brand new air conditioner, you might be looking for ways to make this unit last a little longer than the last one. After all, with the average price of a new system costing around $5,000, you might not be able to afford a replacement for a few years. Here are two ways you might be able to make your air conditioner last longer, so that you can spend your money on something a little more fun: Read More